Answers and redirects calls

Blocks robocall spam

Works with your existing phone number

Automatically texts links to callers’ phones

Adds a professional sound to your business

No app or hardware needed

*Sends callers to your ‘OnePage‘ mobile landing page

GhostphoneAI | Auto Attendant


Auto Attendant

Answers your phone, blocks robocall spam and texts important links to callers.

From $99 mo



AI Prevents robocalls from ever reaching your business and only allowing real callers to get through

Blocks Robocall Spam



GhostPhone AI automatically texts callers a link to your ‘OnePage‘ mobile landing page.

Blocks 100% of robocall spam

Automatically texts links to callers’ phones

Answers and redirects calls

Adds a professional sound to your business

Works with your existing phone number

No app or hardware needed

Includes a mobile landing page with all your important links

From $99 mo



Blocks Robocall Spam

This customized mobile landing page that has all your important links laid out on a simple to use, yet beautifully designed, app-like single screen, and is included at no extra cost with your subscription.

All The 


GhostPhone’s secure, encrypted technology is built on a Best-in-Class platform that works across all devices and delivers telephonic WEB3.0 technology that helps reduce labor, enhances customer engagement and cut costs.

Blocks Robocall Spam


GhostPhone AI blocks 100% of Robocall Spam calls. Only calls from actual people, not annoying robocall bots, get through to your business phone.

Save time by not having to answer calls thinking it’s a customer when it’s a frikkin robocall spammer selling a car warranty.

Side note: The cost of reducing aggravation by not getting robocalls is included in your subscription.. just saying.

Answers + Directs Calls


Your phone when your staff can’t – or in some cases simply just won’t – (Gen Z we’re looking at you). GhostPhone AI powered auto attendant answers and directs calls to your voicemail (Boomers we’re looking at you -everyone hates voicemails, time to accept that and move away from that) to your social media, your chatbot, or your website.

And if your website is hard for your customers to navigate on Mobile phones, we give all customers a customized mobile landing page at no extra cost as part of the GhostPhone subscription. 

Automatically Texts Callers


Important links are automatically texted to your caller’s phone when you can’t answer the phone or after business hours. They can be individual links to specific sites like your booking app or online ordering page or a link to your “OnePage” mobile landing page.

Also, as an FYI the average open rate in 2023 for SMS text messages is an astounding 98%! As in 98 out of 100 people who receive a text from your GhostPhone will open the message.      

OnePage by GhostPhone


All GhostPhone subscriptions come with a custom “OnePage” mobile landing page that has all your important links.

Designed to look and function like a single mobile app screen, with intuitive, easy to use mobile-first navigation, your OnePage has buttons that link to your online ordering, hours and directions, booking and reservations, business SMS messaging, email signups, social media, websites and more.

Also, as an FYI, we should let you know that the average open rate in 2023 for SMS text messages is an astounding 98%! As in 98 out of 100 people who receive a text from your GhostPhone AI will open the message.      



Works WITH your existing number

Activating your GhostPhone or Business line takes seconds and works seamlessly with your existing mobile device or landline.  If you don’t have a business phone nunber we can get one for you.


With GhostPhone there is no new or  complicated hardware equipment to purchase. No bulky and expensive phone system to install.  GhostPhone is 100% cloud-based and works on all phones and all devices.


Screens your calls and deflects callers to your OnePage, sign up page, booking site or list building form. As the caller is calling your GhostPhone number, it allows you to see who is calling without them seeing your phone number, if for example, you have the call forwarded to your cell phone.  #privacy #

Professional Sounding Auto ATTENDANT MESSAGES

You can use our sleek, professional-sounding ai voices or upload your own.  Give your business an immediate professional, best in class voice, regardless if you’re a solo entrepreneur, start up or an established business.

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